6 CBS Sync Facts From "Dead Woods" - CSI S15 E12

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Déjà vu?

1. Déjà vu?

Finlay worked on a case involving the death of tennis star Claudia Weber in Season Thirteen’s “Double Fault.” Weber sought treatment at the time of her death to recover memories of a camping trip at Mount Charleston, where an attack led to the murder of her entire family.
Clare Carey

2. Clare Carey

Clare Carey, who plays Joanna Higgins, was born in Zimbabwe. She's best known for her roles on "Coach" and "Jericho."
Cyranose 320

3. Cyranose 320

The Cyranose 320, used in the episode, is a handheld chemical vapor testing instrument. The device is named after nasally-endowed French poet Cyrano de Bergerac.
Mckenna Grace

4. Mckenna Grace

Mckenna Grace, who plays young Abby Fisher, appeared as Faith Newman on “The Young and the Restless.”
Behind The Scenes

5. Behind The Scenes

Club logos in the show were selected by assistants in writing department. Deebird was named after writer Deanna Shumaker; and Rancho Salas shares its name with the grandmother of production assistant Michael Cano.

6. Aww.

The photo featured at the end of the episode is a photo of Jorja as a little girl. Scott Eades, who is a grip on the show, was photoshopped in as Sara's father.