Season 13 Sneak Peek

Check out behind the scenes and sneak peek photos of Season 13 on CSI.
White Board

1. White Board

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Our very first sneak peek: the board in the writers' room for episode 1301."
Sushi Chef

2. Sushi Chef

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Ted Danson hired us our own sushi chef last week. What a guy!"
Magic Making

3. Magic Making

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Where the wardrobe ladies work their magic".
Staging Home

4. Staging Home

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "The inside of stage 22 is currently D.B. Russell's house. Wanna see inside?"
Live In Ready

5. Live In Ready

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "D.B. Russell's living room."
Writing Ahead

6. Writing Ahead

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "We started shooting 1301 today, but we're already hard at work with 1306, 'Once Bitten.'"
Knocked Around

7. Knocked Around

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Ask and you shall receive. Wait, did George Eads get knocked around a little? #CSI".
Shooting Board

8. Shooting Board

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Episode 1, day 1, shooting board. Shows what scenes we filmed today."
Behind the Scenes

9. Behind the Scenes

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Elisabeth Shue getting ready for her close-up. Or in the market for a new car?"
On Camera

10. On Camera

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Oh. Just her close-up."

11. Dedicated

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Don McGill and Chris Barbour wrote the premiere. Sometimes we had to remind them to eat. #dedication".

12. Dedicated

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Is He or Isn't He?

13. Is He or Isn't He?

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Is that Ted Danson? Or his stand-in? #CSI".
Camera Ready

14. Camera Ready

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "A glimpse behind the scenes. #CSI".

15. Recording

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Shooting some emotional scenes with @elisabethharnoi and Eric Szmanda today. #CSI".
Getting Comfortable

16. Getting Comfortable

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Good morning, everyone. Here's Ted at a crime scene...".
Birthday Boy

17. Birthday Boy

@CSIWritersRoom tweets, "Happy Birthday, Eric Szmanda! Welcome to work!" (July 12th).