• Dr. Chris Pet Vet

    S6 E26 The Gang's All Here

    After a powerful snake named Hank the Tank bites his own tail and poisons himself, Chris rushes to the local reptile park to help. Then, Andrew meets Tora, a young pup with a broken leg, and tries to put the pieces back together. Also, Lisa gives a newly adopted puppy a comprehensive first exam. (TV-G)

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Dr. Chris Pet Vet - The Gang's All Here
S6 E26 May 25, 2019
The Gang's All Here
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - Landing on your Feet
S6 E25 May 18, 2019
Landing on your Feet
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - Pet In Need
S6 E24 May 11, 2019
Pet In Need
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - High Stakes on the High Seas
S6 E23 May 04, 2019
High Stakes on the High Seas
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - What's Hop, Doc?
S6 E22 Apr 27, 2019
What's Hop, Doc?
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - Family Matters
S6 E21 Apr 20, 2019
Family Matters
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - A Familiar Face
S6 E20 Apr 13, 2019
A Familiar Face
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - Sticking Your Neck Out
S6 E19 Apr 06, 2019
Sticking Your Neck Out
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - A Delicate Procedure
S6 E18 Mar 30, 2019
A Delicate Procedure
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - An Apple a Day
S6 E17 Mar 09, 2019
An Apple a Day
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - From Tip To Tail
S6 E16 Mar 02, 2019
From Tip To Tail
Dr. Chris Pet Vet - Cats and Koalas
S6 E15 Feb 23, 2019
Cats and Koalas
Dr. Chris Pet Vet
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Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris Brown, Dr. Chris Pet Vet allows viewers a unique insight into the life of one of the world's busiest vets and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating. For those animals that require specialist services, Dr. Chris calls on his good friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Chimes, who works at a small animal specialist hospital. Each episode leaves viewers with a sense of hope and survival with a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories, featuring a variety of animals.
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Dr. Chris Pet Vet