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10 Tweets That Prove Jonny Lee Miller Is A Sports Fanatic: Who Are You Rooting For?
Posted on Jul 8, 2014 09:00am

If you ever wondered what Jonny Lee Miller does when he's not solving crimes as Sherlock Holmes on Elementary, a quick look at his twitter feed will give you the answer. Jonny may just be the biggest sports fan out there! In between his 100 mile races (no big deal), he finds time to cheer on his favorite sports teams. Check out a round up of his best tweets below. 1. He runs 100 miles for a cause!

2. He roots for the LA Kings, the 2014 Stanley Cup winners! 3. He gives credit where credit is due. 4. His footwear taste is impeccable. 5. He follows the World Cup very closely. 6. He spreads FIFA fever throughout NYC. 7. He's not afraid to ask for RTs for motivation. 8. 25 miles down, 25 to go. 9. Another 50 miles race done! 10. Soccer, check! Hockey, check! Now it's time for some UFC.