Fashion Spotlight: Elementary's Dr. Joan Watson

Take a look inside Elementary's fashion department

1. Take a look inside Elementary's fashion department

Elementary’s wardrobe extraordinaire Rebecca Hofherr shares insights into Lucy Liu’s incredible looks. Click through to see some of Dr. Joan Watson's most iconic ensembles!
The perfect little black dress

2. The perfect little black dress

Rebecca Hofherr: "This is the perfect New York look! I know every woman in NYC owns a black dress that they can wear to work and then throw a pair of heels on and different jewelry to go out at night. I've always wanted women—especially NY women—to relate to Joan and I think she is dressed for the part here."
Belle of the ball

3. Belle of the ball

Rebecca Hofherr: "We never get to play dress up on a crime show, so when we do it's very exciting! This dress is by Carolina Herrera—she is one of my first calls for gowns. This dress is glamorous and also playful, but fits with Joan's usual casual style."
Bold in black tie

4. Bold in black tie

Rebecca Hofherr: "The first time I put Joan in black tie attire on the show was with a classic ball gown look. With this dress we got to see how 'black tie' doesn't have to mean a strapless ball gown. The colors and style of this Carolina Herrera dress are subtle and sophisticated—definitely something you get noticed in. I think Joan's confidence as a detective has built up over the seasons and her wardrobe reflects this confidence."
Going graphic

5. Going graphic

Rebecca Hofherr: "This dress is for the days when you don't feel like wearing black! This dress has a lovely all-over pattern that is bold and fun. The cut of the dress, combined with the 3/4 length sleeves, makes it modern and sophisticated."
All black everything

6. All black everything

Rebecca Hofherr: "This season has introduced us to Morland Holmes, Sherlock's father. His office and his overall aura screams 'old money.' When Joan goes to see him, I try and elevate her look so that she can compete with all of his grandeur. Here Joan gives her own twist to the black business suit—this one has a little more style and fashion forwardness then just your typical black suit."
Bundled up in black

7. Bundled up in black

Rebecca Hofherr: "This is one of my all time favorite looks! We all know the winters in NYC are no joke—but the black tie galas don't stop just because it's cold. One of the biggest challenges when you have to go out in this city is finding a coat that you love just as much as your dress. Here Joan wears an Alexander McQueen velvet cape over her evening gown and, in my opinion, her cape is just as good as her dress!'
Perfect in pink

8. Perfect in pink

Rebecca Hofherr: "This outfit was very important because it is the final outfit Joan Watson wears for Season 3. In Season 4, I knew that I wanted Joan to look a bit more sophisticated now that she is more on an equal playing field with Sherlock. I think this outfit is strong, but still lends to Joan's femininity. It also sets up her style for Season 4 very well."
Shorts in the city

9. Shorts in the city

Rebecca Hofherr: "Joan has great legs and there is not better way to show then off in the summer than with shorts. These shorts are great because most people think shorts can only be casual. Here is a great example where, with the right shoes and accessories, they look fun and professional."
All tied up

10. All tied up

Rebecca Hofherr: "Here is a great example of how Joan can pull off not only women's fashions but also men's. Her high waisted trousers are thanks to influences like Katharine Hepburn, who wore men's clothing as well as she did women's. Joan's tie and fitted shirt modernize the whole look."
Subtle yet striking

11. Subtle yet striking

Rebecca Hofherr: "I chose this look to talk about because I think it's a great example of Joan's typical looks. I have this skirt and blouse in several other colors and it's easy to mix and match these types of pieces to get several great outfits. She is often in simple, sophisticated neutrals with a flirty skirt and a beautiful coat."