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Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program
"Bucket List Type Stuff," The Amazing Race
Additional Credits:
CBS • WorldRace Productions, Inc.
Peter Rieveschl, Director of Photography
Alan Weeks, Cinematographer
Petr Cikhart, Cinematographer
Ryan O'Donnell, Cinematographer
Joshua Gitersonke, Cinematographer
"Loaded," Life Below Zero
Additional Credits:
National Geographic • Adjacent Productions
Mike Cheeseman, Director of Photography
John Griber, Director of Photography
Simeon Houtman, Director of Photography
Terry Pratt, Director of Photography
Danny Day, Camera
Ben Mullin, Camera
"Rough Waters," Born This Way
Additional Credits:
A&E • Bunim/Murray Productions
Bruce Ready, Director of Photography
"The Stakes Have Been Raised," Survivor
Additional Credits:
CBS • MGM Television
Cinematography Team Contributors: Marc Bennett, James Boon, Paulo Castillo, Rodney Chauvin, Luke Cormack, Lee Doig, Russ Fill, Ben Gamble, Kevin Garrison, Ryan Goddard, Derek Hoffmann, Matthais Hoffmann, Toby Hogan, Efrain "Mofi" Laguna, Ian Miller, Jo Oosthuizen, Paul Peddinghaus, Thomas Pretorius, Jeff Phillips, Louis Powell, Dirk Steyn, Peter Wery, Nico Nyoni, Erick Sarimento, David Arnold, Mark Hryma, Scott Duncan
"Uncharted Territory," Deadliest Catch
Additional Credits:
Discovery Channel • Original Productions, LLC
David Reichert, Director of Photography
Dave Arnold, Director of Photography
Kelvon Agee, Director of Photography
Josh Thomas, Director of Photography
Todd Stanley, Director of Photography