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Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, Movie or Special
"Chapter 1," American Horror Story: Roanoke
Additional Credits:
FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television
Gary Megregian, MPSE, Sound Supervisor
Steve M. Stuhr, Dialogue Editor
Jason Krane, MPSE, Dialogue Editor
Timothy A. Cleveland, Sound Effects Editor
Paul Diller, MPSE, Sound Effects Editor
David Klotz, Music Editor
Noel Vought, Foley Artist
"Einstein: Chapter One," Genius
Additional Credits:
National Geographic • Imagine Television and Fox 21 Television Studios
Daniel Pagan, Sound Supervisor
Erich Gann, ADR Editor
Arielle McGrail, Dialogue Editor
Bill Bell, Foley Editor
Nicholas Fitzgerald, Music Editor
Tim Chilton, Foley Artist
Jill Sanders, Foley Artist
"Subtle Beast," The Night Of
Additional Credits:
HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with BBC, Bad Wolf Productions and Film Rites
Nicholas Renbeck, Sound Supervisor
Marissa Littlefield, Supervising ADR Editor
Steve Visscher, Supervising Foley Editor
Ruth Hernandez, ADR Editor
Sara Stern, Dialogue Editor
Luciano Vignola, Dialogue Editor
Odin Benitez, Dialogue Editor
Ruy Garcia, Sound Effects Editor
Wyatt Sprague, Sound Effects Editor
Warren Shaw, Sound Effects Editor
Roland Vajs, Sound Effects Editor
Heather Gross, Foley Editor
Dan Evans Farkas, Music Editor
Grant Conway, Music Editor
Marko Costanzo, Foley Artist
"Who Rules The Land Of Denial?," Fargo
Additional Credits:
FX Networks • MGM Television and FX Productions
Nick Forshager, Sound Supervisor
Joe Bracciale, ADR Editor
Martin Gwynn Jones, Dialogue Editor
Brent Pickett, Dialogue Editor
Claire Dobson, Dialogue Editor
Robert Bertola, Sound Effects Editor
Alex Bullick, Sound Effects Editor
Tyler Whitham, Sound Effects Editor
Matt Decker, Music Editor
John Elliot, Foley Artist
Sherlock: The Lying Detective (Masterpiece)
Additional Credits:
PBS • Hartswood Films in co-production with Masterpiece
Douglas Sinclair, Supervising Sound Editor
Jon Salmon-Joyce, Sound Effects Editor
Stuart McCowan, Sound Effects Editor
Paul McFadden, Dialogue Editor
Howard Bargroff, Sound Editor
Nathan Palmer, Sound Editor
Jamie Talbutt, Foley Editor
Rael Jones, Music Editor
Sue Harding, Foley Artist