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Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role
"Birth Day," The Handmaid's Tale
Additional Credits:
Hulu • MGM , Hulu, The Littlefield Company, White Oak Pictures, Daniel Wilson Productions
Brendan Taylor, VFX Supervisor
Stephen Lebed, VFX Supervisor
Leo Bovell, CG Supervisor
Martin O'Brien, VFX Producer
Winston Lee, Senior VFX Compositor
Kelly Knauff, VFX Coordinator
Zach Dembinski, CG Artist
Mike Suta, Compositor
Cameron Kerr, Compositor
"Einstein: Chapter One," Genius
Additional Credits:
National Geographic • Imagine Television and Fox 21 Television Studios
Eric Durst, Visual Effects Supervisor
Lenka Líkařová, Visual Effects Producer
Viktor Muller, Senior Visual Effects Producer
Marek Ruth, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tomáš Kalhous, Head of 2D Department
Lukáš Herrmann, Head of DMP Department
Pavel Kolář, CG Supervisor
Petr Hastík, Lead Compositor
Vit Komrzý, 2D Compositor
"Episode 1," Taboo
Additional Credits:
FX Networks • Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker in association with Sonar Entertainment
Henry Badgett, VFX Supervisor
Tracy McCreary, VFX Producer
Angela Barson, Senior VFX Supervisor
Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, VFX Line Producer
Nic Birmingham, Head of 3D
Simon Rowe, Senior 2D Artist
Alexander Kirichenko, Senior 2D Artist
Finlay Duncan, 2D Artist
Colin Gorry, SFX Supervisor
"Heavydirtysoul," Gotham
Additional Credits:
FOX • Warner Bros. Television
Thomas Mahoney, Visual Effects Supervisor
Matthew Wheelon Hunt, Visual Effects Producer
Alex Gitler, Compositing Supervisor
Sina San, Senior Matte Painter / Art Director
Michael Capton, CG Supervisor / Lead CG Artist
Jon Anastasiades, Senior Lead Compositor
Ryan Bauer, Sequence Lead Compositor
Mark Anthony J. Nazal, Sequence Lead Compositor
Randy Little, On-Set Supervisor
"Windsor," The Crown
Additional Credits:
Netflix • Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television
Ben Turner, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tom Debenham, Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor
Standish Millennas, Visual Effects Producer
Kim Phelan, Visual Effects Producer
Oliver Cubbage, Lead CG Artist
Lionel Heath, Lead Compositor
Charlie Bennet, Lead DMP Artist
Stephen Smith, Lead Roto-Prep Artist
Carmine Agnone, Lead Matchmove Artist