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8 Burning Questions from Last Night’s Episode: Extant Episode 3

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 | 10:25am
This week, Molly and her family became more tangled in the ISEA’s web of secrets, and Sparks and his team will go to any lengths to bury the truth. Kryger has disappeared again, Ethan begins breaking the rules and Sam faces the consequences of snooping around ISEA. Did the Woods family flee to safety? Is there anyone left for Molly to trust? Here are 8 burning questions from last night’s episode.

1. Is Ethan good or evil?

2. What is the drawing on Kryger’s wall?

3. Why is the ISEA destroying Molly’s files?

4. Was Tim really at the party?

5. What happened to Sparks’ daughter?

6. What are the results of Molly’s DNA test?

7. What kind of trouble is Sam in?

8. Where did the Woods family go?

See all these moments again and watch the latest full episode of Extant here.