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Human or Robot?: Extant Episode 4

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 | 10:00am
We know that Ethan is an invention created by Dr. Woods and his tech savvy team. But, as the Woods family has argued time and time again, he is more than just a “toaster with hair.” Last night, we got a glimpse at just how advanced Ethan has become when his android super skills and human emotions began to overlap. Take a look at 5 ultimate Humanich moments from last night’s episode. What do you think?

1. What happened to “practice makes perfect?" Robot programming must skip right to the “perfect.”

2. Ethan shared a warm, emotional moment with Molly under the constellation map.

3. Ethan’s robot accuracy scored his grandpa some cash at the bar. But, like a human, he can choke under pressure too.

4. Dr. Woods explained early on that his androids eat real food in order to nourish their skin. But, nothing says “human” like indulging in a slice of chocolate cake.

5. The downside to being battery-operated…

See all these moments again and watch the latest full episode of Extant here.