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6 Things We’ve Learned About the Offspring: Extant Episode 11

Posted on Sep 4, 2014 | 11:20am
This week, Molly and John finally discovered answers to some of the biggest mysteries of Extant. In the hopes of finding the offspring and relocating the Seraphim, the clock is ticking faster than Yasumoto’s hair is graying.

They may not fully understand the capabilities of this alien child, but both Molly and Yasumoto agree that its powers could change the world. Here are six things we’ve learned about the mysterious “offspring.”

1. It can take the form of a person, dead or alive.

2. It has the ability to put people into dream-like trances.

3. It will do whatever it takes to protect Molly.

4. From its fetus state to its toddler form waddling away in the tunnel, the offspring looks very human.

5. It needs to feed, and the process is a bit more complicated than warming up a baby bottle.

6. According to Yasumoto, the offspring holds the key to his immortality.

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