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The Evolution of Ethan: Extant Episode 12

Posted on Sep 11, 2014 | 03:05pm
In a world of humans, aliens and robots, there is no parenting guidebook for unconventional children. Ethan’s artificial intelligence has spiraled out of control, and John has lost the ability to regulate his son’s development. But as John’s beloved android experiment evolves into a force more powerful than he originally designed, will their relationship go from “father versus son” to “man versus machine?”

Ethan’s bird-trapping apparatuses are only the beginning of his unusual tendencies.

When Ethan cracks an ISEA-encrypted code before his scientist parents, it’s clear that his development may be more advanced than they thought.

While most kids are learning to count to 10 in a foreign language, Ethan is speaking fluently in Japanese.

Is Ethan’s rebellious bike ride a sign of artificial intelligence going haywire, or just a normal temper tantrum?

As Ethan learns to process human emotions, his anger and distrust could leave the ones he loves in danger.

But like a human boy, Ethan’s first priority is protecting his family, especially his mom.

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