16 Reasons Why You Can't... and Can't Even... Deal with How Cool the Future Is

Check out this recap of the coolest technology from the future world of Extant.

1. Bathroom Mirror Displays

1. 1. Bathroom Mirror Displays

With a bathroom mirror display you'd be able to check the traffic, your schedule, and the weather all while brushing your teeth.
2. Amazing Flying Toy #1

2. 2. Amazing Flying Toy #1

All you have to do is put this model of the Seraphim together and it hovers in mid-air!
3. Transparent Display Tablets

3. 3. Transparent Display Tablets

How long do you think the battery lasts on this tablet? Maybe it doesn't even need one.
4. Video Picture Book

4. 4. Video Picture Book

You can capture all your favorite moments in a video picture book and relive them any time you want.
5. Self-Driving Cars

5. 5. Self-Driving Cars

The self-driving cars might take the cake here. You would still have to sit in traffic, but you could do it while taking a nap.
6. Amazing Flying Toy #2

6. 6. Amazing Flying Toy #2

This is Ethan's remote controlled Space Shuttle. Make sure to set a reminder on your calendar for a few decades from now to add it to your Christmas list.
7. Holographic Stage Displays

7. 7. Holographic Stage Displays

No more falling asleep during lectures for the audience. You would be able to capture everyone's attention, and keep it, with these holographic stage displays.
8. Futuristic Waste Disposal Unit

8. 8. Futuristic Waste Disposal Unit

If there's one thing we know about the future, now you can finally take out the garbage in style. Just make sure an old coworker isn't about to surprise you with a conspiracy. We're looking at you Harmon.
9. Interactive Holograms

9. 9. Interactive Holograms

In the future, you wont have to drag kids to museums anymore, they'll be dragging you.
10. Robotic Museum Curators

10. 10. Robotic Museum Curators

If you have any questions about the exhibit, this robot would be very helpful. If you asked it about Molly's mysterious pregnancy though, that might be a different story.
11. Homemade DNA Testing Machine

11. 11. Homemade DNA Testing Machine

When you can make a DNA testing machine out of spare parts in a garage, that's when you know you're in the future.
12. Robotic Legs

12. 12. Robotic Legs

While Julie would most likely prefer her real legs, there's no doubt these new ones are incredible.
13. Shower Hover Assist

13. 13. Shower Hover Assist

This invention would be a game-changer for anyone who needs it. And even if you didn't need it, you could definitely find a use for it.
14. Ultrasound Scanning Mesh

14. 14. Ultrasound Scanning Mesh

No fuss, any image you need inside the body, easy as you like.
16. Flat-Bottomed Eggs

16. 16. Flat-Bottomed Eggs

These eggs are so common in the future they are just taken for granted. You should see the flat-bottomed watermelons.