11 Biggest Moments From The Extant 2-Hour Special

Molly tests her DNA.

1. Molly tests her DNA.

Strange things have been happening to Molly Woods. From accelerated fingernail growth to an increased sexual appetite, the astronaut certainly hasn't been herself since she returned home from her solo mission. After manipulating a stranger to run into traffic, Molly decided she'd had enough and needed to find answers. Fast.

Back at her home, Molly showed JD what a strain of her DNA looks like. The triple-helix, they noted, isn't human. Something was seriously wrong, and they realized they would have to determine exactly what was happening in order to find a cure. Since fetal cells can live in the mother's body for a long time after birth, Molly decided to take a bone marrow sample that she could later compare with Ahdu's DNA. Wary of venturing into public, Molly enlisted JD's help in carrying out the painful procedure.

What are friends for, right? 
JD's ex-wife pays him a surprise visit.

2. JD's ex-wife pays him a surprise visit.

JD came home in a panic after realizing he missed his daughter's ultrasound appointment—only to find his ex-wife, Dorothy, in his living room. The enraged judge confronted her ex-husband about once again disappointing their daughter, telling him not to expect getting another shot at repairing his relationship with Kelsey. 

While JD tried to explain why he was held up, he knew it was hopeless. After all, who would ever believe a story involving aliens, robots, and impending doom? 
Lucy molds her impressionable

3. Lucy molds her impressionable "older" brother.

Now that he has a Humanich sister, Ethan has been doing everything he can to make her proud—including changing himself to be more like her. Lately, Ethan has shown signs of a more pragmatic personality and has developed a general distrust of authority, traits that only intensified after he shared information about Molly with Lucy.

When Lucy inquired about Molly's visitation time, Ethan told her that Molly wouldn't be seeing him until she fully recovered from her sickness. Doubtful of the story, Lucy told Ethan that humans aren't meant to be trusted because all humans lie. In an instant, Ethan's demeanor shifted. 

Later, Ethan came to Lucy with an invention of his own. He had created a robotic spider, fully equipped with a camera, that he and his sister could use to spy on the humans while they were powered down. The once sweet, little boy who enjoyed playing with robots is now scheming with his authoritarian sister and creating machines of his own. 

Could Ethan's transformation be permanent, or is he simply looking for affirmation and a sense of belonging? 

Julie shows Lucy her future brothers and sisters.

4. Julie shows Lucy her future brothers and sisters.

Hybrids were infiltrating the planet, leaving the government feeling vulnerable and powerless. If they were going to prevent an alien takeover, officials knew they would need more Humanichs like Lucy to carry out attacks. Without having the time to create individualized personalities for each Humanich, Julie chose to program the 100 combat-ready machines with Lucy's exact baseline. 

But, before she powered them up, Julie wanted to show Lucy what the future of Humanichs looked like. While Lucy could have been concerned about sharing the same memories with other soldiers, she ultimately took the move as a compliment to her strength, intelligence, and ability. Lucy's family was growing, and she already knew everything about them. 
Molly follows Ahdu to the hybrid compound.

5. Molly follows Ahdu to the hybrid compound.

After receiving a signal from her son, Molly rushed to an ostensibly empty forest—and straight into a hybrid hideout. Once she arrived, Molly convinced Ahdu to give her a sample of his blood so she could try to find a way to reverse her transformation. Before he let her leave, Ahdu showed Molly something that would completely change her mind about the alien infiltration. 

Tapping into her emotional side, Ahdu gave Molly access to the hybrids' tragic history. As it turns out, Ahdu was being honest when he previously told Molly that the hybrids didn't want to destroy humanity, but actually wanted to coexist. He also assured his mother that the hybrids evolved and would no longer cause their hosts to die during pregnancy. Skeptical, JD demanded to leave the compound and bring their newly acquired information to the government. Molly, of course, refused. The unlikely duo stayed behind to learn more about Ahdu's mission. 

To prove the hybrids would no longer take human lives, Ahdu showed Molly and JD a memorial they had built, paying respect to each woman who died in order for a hybrid to be born. Touched, Molly vowed to help her son and the others fight for their safety. 
JD kidnaps Toby.

6. JD kidnaps Toby.

Now that Molly and JD knew what the hybrids wanted, they needed to find a way to convince the U.S. government not to release the hybrid-killing virus. Having trouble thinking of a way to accomplish their goal, JD devised a surefire way to get Toby's attention: A kidnapping.

After holding Toby at gunpoint, JD steered the general straight to Molly, where she clearly laid out her expectations. The astronaut pleaded with her old friend to prevent the deaths of innocent hybrids—who, she reminded him, were still half-human—by destroying the virus and vowing to strike a peaceful truce. To ensure that he followed through on his word, Molly blackmailed Toby by saying she would tell the world that she lied under oath in order to protect his career. 
Toby makes his boldest decision yet.

7. Toby makes his boldest decision yet.

Once released from captivity, Toby wasted no time in disclosing his conversation with Molly to his colleagues. Despite her pleas, Toby decided to wage a war against all hybrids, including Molly. But Toby knew that simply drafting a plan wouldn't be enough; first, he'd have to find out where all of the hybrids were hiding. 

After weeks of searches yielded little luck, Toby was ready to bring out the big guns. The government shut down five counties and embarked on a search for Molly and JD, who were now labeled as enemies of the state. In order to do so, Toby needed a way to scan huge areas, something he could only accomplish through a research program named TAALR (Threat Assessment ALgorithm Research). 

TAALR revealed a patch of land that had been altered to block all surveillance. Finally, Toby had a lead he could use. 
Lucy learns about her expiration date.

8. Lucy learns about her expiration date.

Lucy found Charlie's checklist for Humanichs, and she was none too pleased to learn that all Humanichs have set termination dates. Concerned, Lucy confronted Charlie, telling him that she didn't want to die and that she felt all Humanichs should get the opportunity to have as much of a human life as possible. 
Lucy manipulates Charlie.

9. Lucy manipulates Charlie.

Following their discussion about death, Lucy decided to retaliate by hurting Charlie. Before she and Ethan powered down for the night, Lucy asked if Charlie could read Huckleberry Finn to Ethan, explaining that Julie had been reading the novel each night. Charlie obliged and went to grab the book from Julie's nightstand. Sadly, he found much more than he had hoped he would. 

Underneath the book was a photo box, which Charlie opened. Inside were dozens of photos of Julie with John.

Lucy's plan to emotionally wreck Charlie had worked. The engineer started slamming back drinks, providing Lucy with the opportunity to make a different kind of move. She attempted to seduce Charlie, and the moment was captured by Ethan's robotic camera. 

Could the footage be used against Charlie in the future, and, if so, for what? 
JD and Molly share a tearful goodbye.

10. JD and Molly share a tearful goodbye.

After learning that the GSC abducted his pregnant daughter in order to get back at him, JD knew he had no other option but to go and save Kelsey. Not knowing if they would ever see each other again, JD and Molly shared an emotional hug, telling each other that in another life things could have been different between them.

Is this really goodbye for Molly and JD?

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Lucy and Lucas find the hybrid compound.

11. Lucy and Lucas find the hybrid compound.

After sharing how she was able to differentiate an evolved hybrid from a human, government officials felt confident that Lucy was ready to go out into the field. Of course, they didn't want her to go alone, knowing that another Humanich would increase the number of kills. So, Charlie activated another soldier, who Lucy decided to name Lucas. 

Together, Lucy and Lucas embarked on their first major mission: find the hybrid compound. Following TAALR's advice, the Humanichs went to the secluded patch of land where they saw Molly speaking with JD. Feeling like this would be the perfect opportunity to kill Molly, Lucy targeted the distraught mother in her crosshairs. Because Lucas has limiters (which Lucy convinced Charlie not to give her), he stopped Lucy from making what he felt was an irrational, objective-defying plan. Molly would live to see another day. 

As they got up from their positions, Lucy and Lucas met a hybrid named Helios. After flashing his eyes and scanning the Humanichs, Helios couldn't help but ask what exactly the two soldiers were. Before answering, Lucy takes him down. She then called officials and told them what they wanted to hear: They had found the hybrid hideout.