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    Fighting Irish of the Civil War

    S1 E1 Clear The Way

    It wasn't long after the Civil War began that Lincoln knew he was in for a fight. For the North to prevail, it would need the efforts of its immigrants. The Irish Brigade was the brainchild of a charismatic revolutionary, Thomas Francis Meagher, who years ago in Ireland was sentenced to death by the English and later exiled to Australia. Embraced by Irish Americans as a rebel, Meagher rallied his people and they flocked to the Union banner. For the first 18 months of the Civil War, they fought with remarkable courage in battle after battle.

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Fighting Irish of the Civil War
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The Civil War would dictate the course of America, and many of the men determining its fate had just recently arrived on its shores. Among them was the Irish Brigade, proud thousands who marched with the Stars and Stripes and the green flag of Ireland side by side. Their brave campaign is brought to life through forensic evidence, dramatic battle reconstructions and rare archival photos. This is the definitive story of how the Fighting Irish found a new home in America and paved the way for all immigrant groups that followed.
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Fighting Irish of the Civil War