The Jim Gaffigan Show
Fridays 9/8c

Comedian Jim Gaffigan stars in a comedy based on his own life experiences as a married father raising five kids, all under the age of eight, in New York City. Jim and his wife, Jeannie, already have their hands full when Jeannie mistakenly thinks she is pregnant again. Jim's cynical best friend, Dave, suggests Jim finally nip it in the bud, literally, and have a vasectomy before Jeannie births their very own baseball team. While Jim is not the least interested in a vasectomy, Jeannie's dismissal of the idea because "she knows Jim so well" annoys him. What ensues is a game of chicken, with Jim trying to prove Jeannie wrong by telling her he is going through with the vasectomy while secretly hoping she will try to talk him out of it.

Executive Producer/Writer: Peter Tolan (Rescue Me, The Job, The Larry Sanders Show)
Executive Producer: Michael Wimer and Alex Murray
Executive Producer/Writer: Jim Gaffigan (My Boys)
Executive Producer/Director: Seth Gordon (Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses, The Goldbergs)