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Best American Roots Song
Alabama At Night
Additional Credits:
Track from: Upland Stories [Bloodshot Records; Publisher(s): Lorne Rall Music]
City Lights
Additional Credits:
Track from: Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016 [Columbia/Third Man Records; Publisher(s): Peppermint Stripe Music]
Additional Credits:
(Roddie Romero And The Hub City All-Stars) Track from: Gulfstream [Octavia Records; Publisher(s): Grand Bayou Music/Roddie Romero Music]
Kid Sister
Additional Credits:
(The Time Jumpers) Track from: Kid Sister [Rounder Records; Publisher(s): Vinny Mae Music admin. by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing]
Wreck You
Additional Credits:
(Lori McKenna) [CN Records; Publisher(s): Melanie Howard Music, Inc./Rusty Muffler Songs admin. by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing]