Sunday, Jan. 26 8pm ET/5pm PT
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Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
Chain Breaker
Additional Credits:
Zach Williams; Mia Fieldes, Jonathan Smith & Zach Williams, songwriters [Essential Records/Provident/Sony Music; Publisher(s): Anthems of Hope/Upside Down Under/Be Essential Songs/Not Just Another Song Publishing/So Essential Tunes]
King Of The World
Additional Credits:
Natalie Grant; Natalie Grant, Becca Mizell & Samuel Mizell, songwriters Track from: Be One [Curb Records; Publisher(s): SeeSeeBubba Songs admin. by Music Services/Maxx Melodies/BMG Platinum Songs/Takin It To The Maxx]
Additional Credits:
For King & Country; Benjamin Backus, Seth Mosley, Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone & Tedd Tjornhom, songwriters Track from: Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. [The Anniversary Edition] [Fervent/Curb Records; Publisher(s): Warner Tamerlane/Dayspring Music, LLC/Kilns Music / WB Music Corp./Word Music, LLC/Method To The Madness/Shankel Songs/CentricSongs/2 Hour Songs/R1WAY Music Publishing/Wordspring Music, LLC]
Thy Will
Additional Credits:
Hillary Scott & The Scott Family; Bernie Herms, Hillary Scott & Emily Weisband, songwriters Track from: Love Remains [EMI Records Nashville; Publisher(s): W.B.M. Music Corp./EKT Publishing, admin. by W.B.M. Music Corp./WB Music Corp./Thankful For This Music, admin. by WB Music Corp./Songs of Universal, Inc./G650 Music]
Trust In You
Additional Credits:
Lauren Daigle; Lauren Daigle, Michael Farren & Paul Mabury, songwriters Track from: How Can It Be [Centricity Music; Publisher(s): CentricSongs/Sony/ATV Timber Publishing/Word Music & Pocket Full of Rocks Publishing]