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Best Music Film
American Saturday Night: Live From The Grand Old Opry
Additional Credits:
George J. Flanigen IV, video director; John Burke & Lindsey Clark, video producers
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Additional Credits:
Justin Krook, video director; Brent Almond, Matt Colon, David Gelb, Ryan Kavanaugh, Happy Walters & Matthew Weaver, video producers
Additional Credits:
Beyoncé Knowles Carter & Kahlil Joseph, video directors; Beyoncé Knowles Carter, video producer
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years
Additional Credits:
Ron Howard, video director; Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Scott Pascucci & Nigel Sinclair, video producers
The Music of Strangers
Additional Credits:
Morgan Neville, video director; Caitrin Rogers, video producer