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6 Times Kanye Was Totally Kanye at the GRAMMYs

It wouldn’t be an awards show with amazing Kanye moments.
Posted on Feb 10, 2015 | 03:35pm

It wouldn’t be an awards show without amazing Kanye moments, and at this year’s GRAMMY Awards, Yeezus did not disappoint.
1. When even LL COOL J introduced him in a way that only Kanye could be introduced.

“The man about to take the stage definitely believes in himself.”

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2. When he acted as a vessel to God.

Who assured him that he was “still [his] Chosen One.”

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3. When he distracted everyone from Rihanna’s solo

Can’t you just let Rihanna have her moment?
4. When he put Paul McCartney totally on the spot

Well, this is awkward. Now he can’t possibly say no.

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5. When he and Kim weren’t on the same page about Ed Sheeran’s amazing performance

Maybe Kim was tired?
6. When he went for the Record of the Year Award

He may have decided against it at the last second, but everyone was holding their breath for another Taylor Swift moment.

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