15 Candid Photos of Fabulous GRAMMYs Hosts We’re Still Talking About

Shining a smile

1. Shining a smile

(1973) Andy Williams flashes his classic grin backstage at The 15th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Nashville, TN as he prepares to host the show.
Showing some pride

2. Showing some pride

(1973) Singer Andy Williams hosts The 15th Annual GRAMMY Awards (the first to be broadcast live on CBS) with all the confidence and good looks to go along!
Rosie’s ready

3. Rosie’s ready

(1999) One of the hosts of The View — Rosie O'Donnell — prepares to host The 41st Annual GRAMMY Awards while holding the prized possession.
Listening for a tune

4. Listening for a tune

(2002) We’re not quite sure what Jon Stewart hears at The 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards, but we’re certain it’s funny.
Funnyman lends his ear

5. Funnyman lends his ear

(2002) What’s that you hear, Jon Stewart? You're the host of The 44th Annual GRAMMYS?
Baring it all

6. Baring it all

(2002) Jon Stewart strips down and leaves little to the imagination for the audience.
What's inside?

7. What's inside?

(2002) Jon Stewart raises a mysterious jar, and we’re hoping there are cookies inside.
Raising the roof

8. Raising the roof

(2004) Segment host Queen Latifah gets the party started at The 46th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
Rocking the red

9. Rocking the red

(2005) Queen Latifah hosts The 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards too, this time in a classic red dress.
A sleek look

10. A sleek look

(2012) LL Cool J cleans up quite nicely as host of The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
LL commands the stage

11. LL commands the stage

(2012) Host, LL Cool J, chats it up with fans.
Bringing his best style

12. Bringing his best style

(2013) LL Cool J shows us the definition of handsome when hosting the GRAMMYS for the second straight year at The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
A star at center stage

13. A star at center stage

(2014) Spotlights and attention gravitate toward LL Cool J at The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
Speaking from the heart

14. Speaking from the heart

(2014) LL Cool J shares a story to the lively crowd at for the third straight year.
A memorable host

15. A memorable host

(2014) LL Cool J keeps fans, nominees, and presenters thoroughly entertained.