Your Complete Photo History of Beyoncé’s Amazing GRAMMYs Looks

1. Shining Bright Like a Star

1. 1. Shining Bright Like a Star

Beyoncé shines alongside soul sisters and Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. (2000)
2. Pretty in Pink

2. 2. Pretty in Pink

This diva takes fancy to a whole new level in this sassy number. Pretty sure most guys (and a few ladies) would put a ring on it. (2003)
3. Show Stopper

3. 3. Show Stopper

You’ll feel like stealing her song lyrics and saying you’re somewhat dangerously in love too… with Queen B. (2003)
4. A Vision in Gold

4. 4. A Vision in Gold

Beyoncé and her gal pals are looking extra shimmery in their golden, designer gowns. All they need are some halos to top of their heavenly glows. (2005)
5. Strike a Pose

5. 5. Strike a Pose

We all wish we had this fierce pose down as well as Beyoncé does. Let’s just leave it to her! (2006)
6.  She’s Irreplaceable

6. 6. She’s Irreplaceable

All you have to do is see a photo of Beyoncé singing, and you already know she’s killin’ it! (2006)
7. Proud Tina

7. 7. Proud Tina

Two divas on one stage? Life = made. Beyoncé sure looks like she’s making TIna Turner proud here.
8. Lights, Camera, ActionBeyonce

8. 8. Lights, Camera, ActionBeyonce

Those lights, that dress, her presence — now this what superstardom really looks like. (2009)
9. Her Fashion Rocks

9. 9. Her Fashion Rocks

Fashion might as well be her middle name. “Beyoncé “Fashion” Knowles.” Yep, sounds good. (2009)
10. Mrs. Carter Shows Some Skin

10. 10. Mrs. Carter Shows Some Skin

Even in a modest pant suit, Mrs. Carter has that ultra-feminine flare. (2012)
11. The Best Accessory

11. 11. The Best Accessory

Beyoncé added another dazzling accessory to her sleek ensemble — oh, you know, just a Grammy. We all have one of those in our closets, right?
12. Fierce Confidence

12. 12. Fierce Confidence

This form-fitting, peek-a-boo dress is something only someone like her could rock. Bravo, Beyoncé, bravo! (2013)