These Photos Will Take You on a GRAMMYs Time Travel Trip

Cher & Friends

1. Cher & Friends

(1974) Music superstars Cher, Roberta Flack and Andy Williams join GRAMMY forces when they pose with Flack who took home a GRAMMY for Best Album of the Year for "Killing Me Softly with His Song.”
Gladys Steals the Knight

2. Gladys Steals the Knight

(1974) GRAMMY winners Gladys Knight and The Pips are rightfully giddy to pose with their trophy backstage after being crowned winners for their song "Midnight Train to Georgia."
Bette’s All Smiles

3. Bette’s All Smiles

(1974) Best New Artist winner Bette Midler shines her contagious smile backstage with her new trophy.
A Prized Possession

4. A Prized Possession

(1974) We wish we were a part of this Bette Midler sandwich with Karen and Richard Carpenter.
What a Wonder

5. What a Wonder

(1974) Stevie Wonder and Alice Cooper in one photo? Yes, please!
Crazy for Paul Simon

6. Crazy for Paul Simon

(1976) We are “Still Crazy After All These Years" for Album of the Year winner Paul Simon.
Presenting Bette Midler

7. Presenting Bette Midler

(1977) After winning Best New Artist two years prior, Bette Midler returns to the GRAMMY stage as a presenter. Isn’t she just fabulous?
Peter, Show Us the Way

8. Peter, Show Us the Way

(1977) A young Peter Frampton lets down his hair as a presenter at the 19th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 1977.
Rock & Roll Righteousness

9. Rock & Roll Righteousness

(1984) The legendary Chuck Berry performs at The GRAMMYs in '84 dressed in a shimmery suit.
A Diamond Duo

10. A Diamond Duo

(1984) Legend Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones accept one of the eight GRAMMYs awarded to them for the "Thriller" album.
A Little Help From My Friend

11. A Little Help From My Friend

(1984) Michael Jackson gets some assistance with his sunglasses from friend Quincy Jones after winning eight trophies for the landmark album "Thriller."
Pure Stardom

12. Pure Stardom

(1984) A beaming Michael Jackson proudly holds up one of the eight GRAMMY awards won that night for the "Thriller" album.
Linda Brings the Heat Wave

13. Linda Brings the Heat Wave

(1984) GRAMMY Legend Linda Ronstadt rocks the frills during her sassy performance.
She Sure is Hot Stuff

14. She Sure is Hot Stuff

(1984) Donna Summer hits the stage for a dance number at the '84 GRAMMY Awards, the same year she is nominated for a Gospel recording.
Another Day in Paradise with Phil

15. Another Day in Paradise with Phil

(1986) Phil Collins finds time to boogie down during his performance at The GRAMMYs in '86.
Woohoo for Whoopi

16. Woohoo for Whoopi

(1986) Whoopi Goldberg brings some laughter when presenting an award.
Artists Unite

17. Artists Unite

(1986) Reba McEntire and Kris Kristofferson start a round of applause at The 28th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
Michael in the Mirror

18. Michael in the Mirror

(1988) Michael Jackson shows us his best moves during an unforgettable performance of "Man In The Mirror.”
Sensational Sinead

19. Sensational Sinead

(1989) A young Sinead O'Connor performs her GRAMMY-nominated hit song "Mandinka" with extra emotion.
A Supreme Superstar

20. A Supreme Superstar

(1989) Whitney Houston hits all the high notes during of performance of the smash hit "One Moment In Time."
Milli Vanilli Knows It’s True

21. Milli Vanilli Knows It’s True

(1990) Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, aka Milli Vanilli, enjoy their time in the spotlight with their "Girl You Know It's True" performance at The GRAMMYs.
Milli Vanilli Make Their Mark

22. Milli Vanilli Make Their Mark

(1990) Best New Artist “Milli Vanilli” thank the audience for their GRAMMY in mighty colorful garb.
Paula & Patrick

23. Paula & Patrick

(1990) Patrick Swayze's white bow-tie is no match for Paula Abdul's fringe and high ponytail in this backstage shot from The GRAMMYs.
Keepin’ It Fresh

24. Keepin’ It Fresh

(1990) Still psyched from their first GRAMMY win the year prior, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (aka: Jeffrey Townes and Will Smith) goof off backstage at The GRAMMY Awards in 1990.