Season 2: Episode 20 - Ha'alele
Posted on Apr 10, 2012 12:00am

Five-0 is called to investigate the murder of a young woman found in a drainage ditch on the North Shore. Max is convinced that a serial killer called the Trashman is responsible, but a man named Richard Nettles was sentenced to life in prison for the murders years ago. Max then informs the team that his biological mother was one of the Trashman's victims, and that he has been in contact with Nettles, who he believes is innocent. McGarrett and Chin Ho speak with a retired HPD officer who corroborates Max's beliefs, stating that he was never certain Nettles was responsible for the murders. Five-0 then sets out to find the connection between all the victims, and they discover that all of the women who were murdered had abandoned their children at Saint Mary's Church. McGarrett and Danny find incriminating evidence that ties the groundskeeper to the murders, but his alibi checks out. Max ventures over to Saint Mary's alone to investigate, only to be taken captive by the real Trashman, Deacon McDonagh. Once the team figures out that the Deacon is their killer and that Max is missing, they race over to Saint Mary's to save him. Max manages to escape his bonds and stabs the Trashman, killing him. McGarrett tells Max that his mother would be proud of his actions. Meanwhile, Kamekona's shrimp truck goes missing and he enlists Five-0 to help him find it. Danny tracks it down and returns it to Kamekona, who, it turns out, had forgotten to renew his vendor's license for the truck.