Season 2: Episode 22 - Ua Hopu
Posted on May 8, 2012 12:00am

Commander McGarrett leads a special ops raid in Tokyo, where he captures his longtime adversary, Wo Fat. As McGarrett and Wo Fat are en route on a 'dark' flight back to Hawaii, a planted Yakuza hitman tries to kill McGarrett, but ends up shooting the pilot and crashing the plane. McGarrett and Wo Fat survive the crash, only to be pursued by Yakuza hitment who want them both dead. McGarrett dispatches the hitment, recaptures Wo Fat, and commandeers a helicopter back to Oahu with his prisoner in tow. Meanwhile, the rest of Five-0 investigates the murder of Anna Douglas, who turns out to be Wo Fat's handler within the CIA. Max does an autopsy and determines that the bullet that killed Anna was gold-plated, which is a very uncommon type. Based on Max's findings, Chin Ho and Kono go to see a gun expert, who informs them that gold-plated bullets are typically only used by one group: the Yakuza. This gives Kono cause to worry; her secret boyfriend is none other than Adam Noshimuri, the heir to the Yakuza throne. She goes to meet him in secret, not knowing that Chin Ho is tailing her. Adam explains to her that Wo Fat killed his father and he needs to get revenge, ignoring her pleas to not get involved. He locks her in a closet and races to the landing strip, hoping to intercept McGarrett's helicopter. Chin Ho comes to her rescue and they head off to stop Adam. McGarrett, Wo Fat, Five-0, and the Yakuza all arrive at the landing strip, leading to a Mexican stand off. Kono begs Adam not to shoot Wo Fat, but he's egged on by the family lawyer, who actually turns out to be the CIA agent's killer. When the lawyer turns his gun on Adam, Kono shoots him and kills him, and everyone then stands down. Adam backs off, and McGarrett and Danny escort Wo Fat to prison.