Season 2: Episode 23 - Ua Hala
Posted on May 15, 2012 12:00am

When Chief Fryer is gunned down in an alleyway in an apparent hit, Five-0 leads the manhunt for the elusive shooter. As the team examines the body in the alleyway, Max follows a blood trail and comes face to face with the shooter, only to get shot. The rest of the team gives chase, while Joe White tends to Max and helps get him to the hospital. The fleeing shooter evades McGarrett and hijacks a police cruiser, heads straight for HPD headquarters and promptly blows it up after giving Five-0 the slip. A delirious Max gives Joe a description of the shooter on the way to the hospital, and Joe relays it to McGarrett. The woman turns out to be Teresa Chaver, who was killed in a police chase five years earlier, which mystifies the team. Chief Fryer and Frank Delano (epis #205) were the cops who chased Teresa and her boyfriend down, so McGarrett and Danny pay Delano a visit to see if he has any information for them. Delano is less than helpful, but they get a break when Joe relays more information from Max after he's out of surgery: Fryer managed to hit Chaver with a hollow-point bullet before she killed him. McGarrett knows that she'd need medical attention right away, so Kono does a quick search for medical facilities within a mile of HPD headquarters. Eventually, they track Chaver to a veterinary clinic, and McGarrett kills her with a shot to the chest. After the case wraps, Danny decides to fight Rachel's wish to move Grace to Las Vegas, and Joe White takes McGarrett to meet Shelburne. Meanwhile, after Chaver is taken down, Delano blackmails Chin Ho into getting him released from prison, having been the mastermind behind Fryer's death and the HPD bomb. Delano informs him that he'll have to choose between saving Kono, who's being held hostage on a boat, and his wife, Malia. Chin Ho races home to save Malia, but she's already been shot in the chest. As he cradles her in his arms, trying to keep her alive, Kono is dumped into the dark ocean waters - bound, gagged, and drowning...