Season 3: Episode 1 - La O Na Makuahine
Posted on Sep 25, 2012 12:00am

In the Season 3 premiere, we pick up where the previous season finale left off: Chin Ho is forced to choose between saving his wife, Malia, or saving his cousin, Kono. He valiantly tries to save his wife, but her wounds are too severe and she dies. Luckily, he alerts Adam Noshimuri of Kono's plight and he arrives just in time to save Kono from drowning. McGarrett escorts his mother, Doris, back to Hawaii and questions her about her activities as Shelburne. When they land, Danny informs them that Wo Fat escaped custody with help from Frank Delano and is on the loose in Hawaii, which puts Doris' life in immediate danger. McGarrett enlists Catherine Rollins to watch his mother while he and the rest of Five-0 try to track down Wo Fat and Delano. A partial license plate match from surveillance video footage of Wo Fat's escape leads the team to an old house under renovation, where they discover five dead construction workers. Kono calls the renovation company and learns that the same crew of five men just checked in at HPD headquarters, which means Delano and his men are posing as repairmen to get inside HPD. Five-0 races over just in time to see Delano and crew driving off with almost fifty million dollars’ worth of cocaine from the evidence storage area, and our team gives chase. McGarrett and Danny round up the crew, while Chin Ho corners Delano and ends up killing him. Later, McGarrett learns that Wo Fat broke into Catherine's house and cornered his mother, but she fired two shots at him and he got away. He puts Doris on a plane and sends her off, only to later learn that she intentionally missed Wo Fat with the shots, leaving McGarrett to wonder what other secrets his mother is keeping from him.