Season 3: Episode 2 - Kanalua
Posted on Oct 2, 2012 12:00am

Five-0 must hunt down a group of thieves who rob a high-end art store in a shopping mall. They turn to ex-con and art expert, August March (ep 219), and ask him to make some inquiries around the island, hoping they'll find the criminals as they try to sell the stolen artwork. When the torched getaway car used in the heist turns up with the driver's dead body inside, Five-0 learns that the robbers kidnapped a former racing star's daughter to force him into driving for them. Now, they not only have to find the paintings, but the missing girl as well. March meets with a gangster named Kimo, who tells him that he can find the men involved with the heist in a warehouse on Sand Island, but they're dead by the time Five-0 reaches them. The team combs through the evidence in the warehouse and uncovers two paintings in a photograph of the art store safe that weren't mentioned on the list of stolen artwork; incredibly valuable paintings that the office of Homeland Security Investigations has been searching for since the 1940s. Danny and McGarrett chase down the art store owner, who informs them that he was the victim of an extortion plot: the man who stole the two other paintings from him knew he'd pay a large sum of money to get them back. Five-0 manages to lift a partial print from one of the paintings, and that print belongs to none other than August March. Cornered, March admits his guilt and agrees to take them to the missing girl, whom he's locked in the trunk of a car somewhere - but he steps into traffic and kills himself before the team can find her. Kono and Chin Ho canvas the island for rental cars matching one taken out in one of the robber's names two days before the heist, hoping that they'll get lucky. Using all the technology available to them, they finally manage to track down the missing girl just in time.

Meanwhile, McGarrett asks Catherine to track down his mother's whereabouts, since he hit a dead end when he spoke with WITSEC. She flirts with a WITSEC agent over a game of pool and discovers that Doris is still on Oahu - she never even left the island.