Season 3: Episode 9 - Ha'awe Make Loa
Posted on Dec 4, 2012 12:00am

Max makes his weekly stop at the local bank to make a deposit and flirt with Leilani Lane, a cute teller that he has a crush on. Just after Leilani agrees to go on a date with him, two masked men enter the bank with guns and demand the tellers empty their drawers. A customer, Jim Reynolds, takes action and winds up getting shot in the chest, with the bullet traveling through him and hitting Leilani as well. Max snaps into action and keeps both Reynolds and Leilani alive with CPR, then accompanies them to the hospital as Five-0 arrives and begins to investigate the case. The team follows the evidence and tracks down one of the two robbers, a local drug addict and low-level thief named Makani Jacobs, who explains that he was paid $20,000 to help hold up the bank by a random stranger. Using a sketch provided by Makani, they're able to identify the other robber as Martin Cordova, but not before Cordova tracks Reynolds down in the hospital and kills him. McGarrett traces Cordova to a local cancer treatment facility, and after a brief skirmish, subdues him. It is eventually revealed that Cordova and Reynolds both had cancer and were weeks away from death, but both wanted a quick end to their lives as an escape from the pain. Unfortunately, their plan backfired and put innocent people in harms way. Danny comes to the rescue of a Victoria's Secret model.