Season 3: Episode 10 - Huaka'i Kula
Posted on Dec 11, 2012 12:00am

A fun camping trip with Grace and her Aloha Girls scout group turns dangerous when an armed man takes McGarrett and one of the Aloha Girls, Lucy, captive. The armed man, Ron, has a leg injury and needs to find a package he lost in the jungle, but he can't let Danny and McGarrett get away after being discovered. Ron shoots Danny in the arm, then locks him and the Aloha Girl troop in a storage shed, and then forces McGarrett and Lucy to stay with him and help him find his package. Grace and the Aloha Girls tend to Danny's injuries in the shed, then manage to dig a tunnel and escape. Using a jerry-rigged cell phone, Danny calls Chin Ho and Kono and they send a rescue team with weapons and supplies. Danny then sets off after McGarrett and Lucy, hoping to save them. Ron keeps a close watch on McGarrett, but when they finally find his package, a backpack full of stolen diamonds, he lets his guard down and McGarrett pummels him. Ron's partner, a violent felon named Hines, shows up at the scene and kills Ron, then turns to McGarrett and Lucy. Thinking quickly, McGarrett grabs Lucy and darts off into the jungle with the diamonds. Danny and Chin Ho manage to find them and subdue Hines before any harm comes to McGarrett or Lucy.

Meanwhile, Adam introduces Kono to his brother, Michael, who was recently released from prison for manslaughter back on the mainland. Adam lays out his plan to legitimize his father's business to his brother, who seems to agree to it. Later, Michael steals Kono's gun, but we don't see what he does with it. Chin Ho informs her a man named MIchael Asanuma has gone missing, and he was the chief witness in Michael's manslaughter case. The episode ends with Kono wondering exactly how much she can trust Adam's brother.