Season 3: Episode 11 - Kahu
Posted on Dec 18, 2012 12:00am

After arresting a junkie who was foolish enough to try and carjack him, McGarrett encounters a 13 year-old boy named Ethan, currently in holding for causing a ruckus at the HPD station. Ethan tells McGarrett that his father, Bruce Awana, has gone missing and he is really worried about him. McGarrett listens to his story, gets hooked, and starts to investigate. When he and Catherine find a pool of blood and signs of a break in at Bruce's store in Ka'a'awa, they realize they have a potential murder on their hands. They gradually uncover evidence that points them toward a backwoods moonshine operation, along with a suspect who provides crucial information about secret deliveries Bruce had been making to a reclusive man living deep in a valley. Kono uncovers that the recluse, Stuart Rizzi, is a criminal on the run after holding up a bank in Chicago, and the Five-0 team goes to take him down at his home. However, while they're raiding his home, Rizzi drags Bruce back to the Awana home to retrieve some of the cash he'd paid him to make supply deliveries over the last few months. Rizzi encounters Ethan and Catherine, who acts quickly and subdues him before he can harm Bruce or his son.

After a little prodding, Kamekona convinces Danny to help him get a good deal on his next business venture: a commercial helicopter for private helicopter tours. Despite knowing nothing about aerial machines, Danny manages to get Kamekona a great deal.