Season 3: Episode 14 - Hana i wa 'ia
Posted on Jan 22, 2013 12:00am

Governor Denning calls on Five-0 to discreetly investigate the murder of a dead prostitute found in the bed of Congressman Chris Freed, one of his good friends. Freed has gone AWOL and the Governor is keeping a close eye on Five-0, so the team runs into dead end after dead end. A break comes when McGarrett and Danny track down Freed's campaign manager, who reveals that she was being forced to frame Freed by Wo Fat, just before she's killed by a sniper's bullet. McGarrett and Danny take out the sniper, then trace the sniper's phone to find Wo Fat's hideout in the jungle. They rescue the Congressman from danger, but he takes a bullet in the gut in the process, forcing McGarrett to fly Freed to a hospital and let Wo Fat get away. In the end, Freed survives and the Governor is incredibly thankful.

Meanwhile, Danny has a court hearing for custody of his daughter, Grace, and McGarrett appears as a character witness on his behalf. Danny eventually wins joint custody of Grace, preventing her mother from moving her from the island.