Season 3: Episode 17 - Season 3: Episode 17
Posted on Feb 19, 2013 12:00am

Five-0 investigates the murder of a tech executive during a tactical assault team building exercise at an airsoft compound. The victim, Scott Davis, also had a powerful sedative in his system that McGarrett believes was slipped in his drink at a bar the previous night. McGarrett and Danny go check out the bar, and the bouncer points them in the direction of Holly, a local working girl who has a habit of luring men home from the bar and then stealing from them. The guys track Holly to a local hotel, where they find video evidence of her being assaulted by an unknown man, only to have the scuffle be broken up by Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, who is in town for the Pro Bowl. The guys manage to lift DNA evidence off of Foster's ring, which he wore as he punched Holly's assailant, and are led to Timothy Croll, who is involved in corporate espionage. Croll didn't murder Davis, but he provides information that leads the team to the real killer, Neil Redding. Redding was the owner of Davis' company and wanted to remove Davis after he threatened to release a series of damning emails.

Meanwhile, it's Pro Bowl weekend in Hawaii and Danny has Kamekona procure tickets for prime seats at the game for McGarrett and himself. Danny's a huge fan of Peyton Manning and desperately wants to have a shot a meeting him. Unfortunately, their plans get derailed when McGarrett dislocates his shoulder catching the killer, so he gives the tickets to Kamekona, Flippa, and Max.