Season 3: Episode 21 - Imi Loko Ka ʻUhane
Posted on Apr 30, 2013 12:00am

Five-0 agrees to let talk show host Savannah Walker and her camera crew tag along with them for a day, and her cameras are there to pick up the action when the task force is called in to investigate a grisly murder. The victim, Roger Murphy, was killed with a shotgun blast and dismembered, and further investigation by Max indicates that whoever killed Roger also cut off a patch of skin with a tattoo. As the team investigates the crime scene, Wo Fat turns up, disguised as a cop, and engages in a shootout with our heroes. Wo Fat escapes, but surveillance footage shows that he clearly wanted the tattoo that Roger's killer took. Kono and Chin Ho discover that the tattoo is actually a very cleverly designed treasure map of sorts - one that leads to the place where Roger hid counterfeit plates for $100 bills. With some help from Catherine, Five-0 manages to locate the hiding place in the forest, only to find that Wo Fat killed Roger's murder and stole the plates. McGarrett manages to shoot down Wo Fat's getaway helicopter and, after a tense shootout where Savannah nearly takes a bullet, subdue Wo Fat. They take an injured Wo Fat to the hospital, where McGarrett stands watch until he can properly question his archrival.