Season 3: Episode 23 - He Welo ʻOihana
Posted on May 14, 2013 12:00am

Five-0 investigates the murder of a security guard who was killed in a remote field that appears to be a Yakuza body dumping ground. Based on physical remnants and DNA information pulled from the field, Max determines that there were a total of eleven different victims, each buried in their own hole, but the bodies were moved so that the Yakuza could cover their tracks. Kono goes to speak with Adam, fearful that he might know about it, but he promises her that he does not. She then listens in on a private call of his and uses the tip to find a Yakuza-owned warehouse, where she discovers all eleven of the bodies in barrels ready to be dumped into the ocean. Kono gets into a firefight with the two Yakuza thugs who killed the security guard and takes them both down, but not before taking a bullet to the gut herself. Kono is rushed to the hospital, where Adam meets her and apologizes for not being completely honest with her. Just as she's about to tell him about cloning his phone, she's whisked away for a test, leaving Adam to uncover the truth for himself. Meanwhile, McGarrett learns that his mother is planning a covert operation to recover the stolen microfiche and decides that he has to help her. With the assistance of Mick Logan and Wade Gutches, they lay out a plan to steal the microfiche back from Simon Cain, a CIA operative who is currently up for a high ranking Pentagon office. Cain stole the microfiche to cover up his past misdeeds, but Doris needs it back to protect herself. McGarrett and Doris raid Cain's office in downtown Honolulu and, after a close call with Cain and his security, manage to get away with the microfiche.