Season 3: Episode 24 - Aloha, Malama Pono
Posted on May 21, 2013 12:00am

When an unlisted plane lands on Oahu with four bodies onboard and a missing rendition detainee, the CIA tasks Five-0 with tracking down the fugitive post haste. The fugitive, Refael Salgado, is affiliated with a Latin American terrorist organization called the ELM, and the CIA informs McGarrett that Salgado is the only one with knowledge that could prevent a potential terrorist attack on US soil. After tracing his cell phone records, Five-0 arrives at the home of Salgado's ex-girlfriend and son, who is now missing, and they begin to suspect that Salgado kidnapped his own child. McGarrett is able to extract some information from Wo Fat that helps them locate Salgado, who then informs Five-0 that he was en route to turn himself in to the ELM to save his son's life. The ELM kidnapped his son when they learned that Salgado was captured by the CIA, using it as collateral to prevent him from talking about the planned terrorist attack. McGarrett strikes a deal with Salgado: Five-0 will get his son back, but he must give up the information about the planned terrorist attack. They save Salgado's son and Salgado is gravely wounded in the process, and but he manages to tell McGarrett the plan for the attack before he flatlines. McGarrett quickly relays the info to the CIA, who are able to stop the planned attack on the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf.Meanwhile, Kono is on the run from the police after ballistics test matched the bullet that killed Victor Asanuma to her gun. With Adam's help, she locates a pair of bloody gloves belonging to his brother, Michael, and Fong positively identifies them as the gloves he wore to kill Asanuma. However, Michael breaks into the crime lab, stabs Fong, and recovers the gloves. He then tracks down Kono and Adam and threatens to kill her, but Adam intervenes and shoots Michael to save her life. At the end of the episode, Kono is proven innocent, but Adam has to flee Hawaii to prevent reprisal from his brother's friends. Kono decides to go with him, saying farewell to her ohana for now...At the end of the episode, McGarrett goes to speak with Wo Fat in his fortified cell, but is shocked when Wo Fat tells him that people are coming to kill him. The season ends as McGarrett and Wo Fat watch as a torch begins to cut through the steel cell door....