Season 4: Episode 2 - 'A'ale Ma'a Wau
Posted on Oct 5, 2013 12:00am

The Five-0 team investigates the murder of a limo driver who was last seen picking up a Cowboy from the airport. The Cowboy, Ray, is revealed to be a Texas Ranger and Five-0 questions him after capturing him in a hotel room with a young man and a bag full of cash. Ray denies killing two men he was seen with, and eventually McGarrett figures out that he’s searching for his kidnapped daughter. McGarrett teams up with Ray and uses the young man as bait, but learns the Chinese National who took the daughter sold her. Racing against time, Five-0 and Ray rescue the daughter from a shipping container. Meanwhile, McGarrett encourages Catherine to accept a civilian job with an ex-boyfriend as she musters out of the Navy. Kono and Adam’s location is compromised and they are attacked by the Yakuza, but escape into the jungle.