Season 4: Episode 6 - Kupouli 'la
Posted on Nov 2, 2013 12:00am

A zombie-like man causes a disturbance during a movie and gets shot. Max rushes to help and ends up being rushed to the hospital too. We discover the victim was dosed with scopolamine and accessed the morgue to cut the head off of a female car accident victim. Pinhole cameras are discovered in her car’s dashboard and house. McGarrett and Danny track a cell phone to another man who claims he was used a human test subject. The team races to stop a mad scientist from starting another human experiment. Catherine has a hard time recovering from Billy’s death but begins to investigate a man within the Yakuza to help Kono. Danny’s house is TP’d, and, although he uses all the resources available to him, is shocked to find the culprit is Grace. Max invites Sabrina to move in with him.