Season 4: Episode 8 - Akanahe
Posted on Nov 16, 2013 12:00am

McGarrett and Grover are tasked by the Governor to serve a warrant to Ian, a young guy with a bunch of outstanding parking tickets. They are attacked at Ian’s house and Ian is abducted. McGarrett and Grover track down the suspects’ van and find evidence of a bank robbery. Five-0 learns that Ian is a skilled hacker and arranged the robbery and crew to test the bank’s security system as the same system will be installed in all US embassies. Racing to catch Ian before he can sell his secrets, the team corners him in the airport, but Ian threatens to crash a plane he’s hacked. Catherine manages to locate Ian’s master computer and stops the crash, but Ian escapes. Meanwhile, the team learns Sato helped Adam fake his death and Kono leaves the team to find him.