Season 4: Episode 11 - "O kela me keia manawa"
Posted on Jan 10, 2014 04:10pm

McGarrett and Grover team up when Jack, a friend of Grover’s, goes on the run after killing a gangbanger and injuring the gangbanger’s friends following a confrontation. Chin discovers Jack is wanted in Illinois and gets one of the gangbangers to confess that they were hired to kill Jack. Grover and McGarrett track Jack through the forest and arrest him. Chin captures the man who put out the hit – the distraught husband of Jack’s victim in Illinois. McGarrett and Grover let Jack apologize for taking the life of the man’s wife. Meanwhile, Danny investigates the freak shooting of a woman he was flirting with after a bullet miraculously passed through a tiny gap in her car window. He traces the gunshot to a boat where a boy was taking aiming practice. Kono finally finds Adam and they return home.