Season 1: Episode 5 - Nalowale
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­The Governor calls McGarrett and his team in to investigate the murder/disappearance of two sisters, daughters to a close friend of hers, the Ambassador to the Philippines, Ambassador Reeves. Amanda Reeves was found drowned, but signs of having been bound indicate she was being held against her will. Her sister Robin is still missing. McGarrett learns that their driver/bodyguard dropped them off at a restaurant and didn't report them missing right away because the girls like to party when they're away from the restrictions of their life in the Philippines; he figured they were running late. Using clues from Amanda's autopsy, the team retraces the girls' footsteps, discovering they were picked up by a young guy who drugs unsuspecting girls for a fee from a local Madame. Kono coerces the Madame into admitting that the Reeves girls were targeted specifically by an unknown buyer; she turned them over to the buyer alive. McGarrett then discovers that one of the Ambassador’s security team is a Kidnap & Ransom specialist who has taken the Ambassador to hand over a ransom for Robin. McGarrett knows the kidnapping isn’t about money and knows that the drop off is going to put the Ambassador in jeopardy. He and the team race to find the drop off location and take over the rescue mission. Turns out the girls were kidnapped by Philippine terrorists wanting the Ambassador’s access to gain information about a large shipment of guns so they can hijack it.­