Season 1: Episode 7 - Ho'apono
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­McGarrett uses his SEAL training to secretly board The Missouri when another former SEAL, Graham Rivers, takes a group of tourists hostage on the ship. That morning, Graham ran his house, covered in blood and carrying a knife used to murder his wife. Though he doesn't remember what happened, he doesn't think he killed his wife and uses the hostages as leverage to get the crime investigated. McGarrett teams up with a retired Boatswain, Ed, who was conducting the tour and evaded capture; Ed knows the ship better than any and acts as McGarrett's guide. Meanwhile, Danny, Chin Ho and Kono investigate the murder of Graham’s wife. Graham clearly suffers from PTSD and could have murdered his wife without remembering. There's also very little evidence at the scene that suggests anyone else was in the house. Fortunately, Kono gets his step-daughter to talk and she reveals there was another man at the house that morning. When that man shows up and kidnaps the little girl, our team figures out that Graham's wife was killed and his step-daughter abducted by his wife's first husband, a Russian businessman, Graham believed was dead. McGarrett has kept Graham calm, but when SWAT rushes the scene, Graham loses it, and McGarrett works to make sure the hostages get out safely, all the while, protecting Graham.­