Season 1: Episode 8 - Mana'O
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Tourists get a big shock during a Luau when they unearth the traditional Kalua pig from the fire pit, revealing the charred body of a dead cop, his badge wedged between his teeth. The dead cop is Danny's former partner and friend, Meka. Danny is furious to discover Meka was the main target of an IA investigation and now his widow is being denied standard HPD benefits and a police funeral. As the team butt heads with the man in charge of the investigation, Sgt Cage, they find an unlikely ally in another associate of Meka's, a cop named Kaleo. The team finds that several large drug busts were blown on Meka's watch, and while McGarrett prepares Danny for the possibility his former partner was guilty, Danny leaves no stone unturned to clear his name, including seeking help from Sang Min, the drug and arms dealer they put away in the first episode. Their investigation leads them to a major new force in the underground drug world, Emilio Ochoa; unfortunately Kaleo kills Ochoa while our team takes him down. Circumstances in Ochoa's death make McGarrett suspicious of Kaleo, and Sang Min confirms Kaleo is the mole, and Meka was killed because he'd figured that out. Meka’s reputation is restored and Sang Min gets to see his family in return for his cooperation.