Season 1: Episode 11 - Palekaiko
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Two hunters who think they're about to nab a wild boar in Kahana State Park are stunned when a terrorized, half naked women (Erica Harris) runs towards them. When McGarrett questions her she doesn't even remember being kidnapped: she was honeymooning with her husband, they went to bed and she woke up, tied up in a shack in the forest. When they go to her hotel room, Erica's husband is missing and there's no sign of a struggle. Unfortunately, Erica's mother-in-law informs our team that Erica is a gold-digger who is responsible for the disappearance of her son. But when he turns up dead, the evidence makes it clear Erica is as much a victim as her husband. Things take a turn when Max, the Coroner, tells the team that the circumstances of the case remind him of a series of crimes committed in French Polynesia. As the team connects the dot between this case and the previous ones, they figure out that they've got a serial killer who travels on a cruise ship and targets honeymooners on the islands where the ships land. They also have a potential suspect who has just landed at another Hawaiian island. They race to find him before he makes his next kill.

Also, McGarrett shares the secrets of the Champ box with Chin Ho and learns that his mother was not killed accidently but was murdered.