Season 1: Episode 14 - He Kane Hewa'ole
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Chin Ho and Kono join an HPD high-speed chase, however, when the car crashes and the driver is fatally injured, they discover he was carrying a box with a severed human head. McGarrett and his team must first identify the two dead men in order to solve this case. The car turns out to be a rental that the renter reported stolen that morning. Calculating the driver was likely an illegal immigrant, McGarrett and Danny go to a neighborhood where a number of illegal workers live and start asking questions. They find the driver's father and son, all the father knows is his son was going to get a big paycheck to deliver a package; McGarrett bonds with the father and figures the driver had no idea what he was delivering, so this avenue is a dead end in finding the killer. In the meantime, Coroner Max discovers the severed head had a specific radioactive isotope, indicating the victim was a cancer patient so Chin Ho decides to swallow his pride and talk to his ex-fiancée to see if she can identify their victim. She treated the victim and gives them his personal information, however, when they arrive at his house, they discover his wife has been kidnapped. As the team puts together the seemingly disparate threads of the case, they realize the entire plan was masterminded by the murder victim’s wife as a way to extort money from her father.