Season 1: Episode 16 - E Malama
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­McGarrett and the team are sent to find and safely bring in a high profile murder case witness who's gone missing. The cops sent to pick her up and her US Marshall guard have all been killed and she's disappeared into the jungle with multiple assassins tracking her, trying to prevent her from testifying. McGarrett and Chin Ho find the witness; Chin Ho is responsible for taking her back to safety while McGarrett tracks and immobilizes the assassins; Kono heads back to headquarters to figure out the identities of the assassins.

­ Also, when Rachel's car is hijacked and her house is ransacked, Danny steps in to investigate; when he finds out it's because of Stan’s shady business deals, he’s furious. But, for Grace’s sake, he takes the high road and solves Stan’s problems.