Season 1: Episode 18 - Loa Aloha
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­After the murder of a judge’s child, the Five-0 team begins investigating a bomber with a potential grudge against the judge and legal system. A second blast kills a prosecting attorney's, Yoon, son. Chin Ho takes a fragment of the circuit board from the second bombing to a hobby shop and is informed that somebody came in and bought three of them. Kono and Chin Ho cross-reference the information and discover a suspect, Marshall Roan, who’s son was recently killed in prison. They eventually uncover the final target and stop Roan before he’s able to kill anybody else.

­ Danny learns that his visiting brother, Chris, is the target of a federal investigation. Chris came to Hawaii for one last deal. Danny lets his brother go rather than arresting him and sending him to jail.