Season 1: Episode 20 - Ma Ke Kahakai
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­McGarrett and Danny find a dumped body while hiking up a mountain. The team identify the body as Jack Nahm, a fisherman, who had been having altercations with other fishermen because his refusal to carry drugs to shore. Using forensics, and other information, McGarrett learns that rather than running drugs, Nahm had taken a second job at a small airfield to make ends meet. They also learn that Nahm had been searching online about a recent Hawaiian crime where a wealthy teenaged boy raped and killed a young woman and had disappeared, managing to evade the police. Piecing together this information and other clues, our team figure out that Nahm was killed because he saw the boy being put on a private plane to escape. Our teams arrests the boy’s father for harboring a fugitive and are able to track down and arrest the boy; though Nahm was murdered, his son has the comfort of knowing his father died helping others.

Also, Kono and Chin Ho’s visit their Auntie Emele and on her deathbed, Chin Ho promises to make up with her husband, their Uncle Keako. We learn Uncle Keako stole the money Chin Ho was accused of stealing in order to save his wife. Chin Ho protected his Uncle and was kicked off the force and now the Uncle wants to come clean.