Season 1: Episode 22 - Ho' ohuli Na' au
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­A world-famous fashion photographer is burned to death in his trailer during a photo shoot, McGarrett and the team step in to investigate. At first it seems like the victim's womanizing past might have gotten him killed when his current girlfriend (who is pregnant with his child), accuses his old girlfriend (star model on the shoot) of still having feelings and killing him in a jealous rage. The photographer also has heavy gambling debts but the loan shark who held his note says he paid up. Finally, our team discovers that he’d recently changed his will, leaving a large sum of money to a woman unknown to the investigation. Turns out, in the photographer’s earlier years, he got a model pregnant and he left money to the child he never wanted. Unfortunately, that daughter didn’t know his change of heart and got a job as a PA on the set of his shoot and killed him.

Also, Chin Ho tells the police board that his Uncle Keako is lying about the money, that he stole it. When they say “prove it” by showing them the money, Chin Ho goes to borrow from the loan shark.