Season 2: Episode 1 - Ha'iole
Posted on Sep 20, 2011 12:00am

­McGarrett is in prison awaiting trial for the murder of the Governor. Danny visits, bringing a surprise guest, McGarrett’s SEAL Lt. Commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn). Shortly after they leave, Victor Hesse shivs McGarrett in the yard which sends him to the emergency room. McGarrett escapes from the ambulance and makes his way to Max’s house, who treats him and helps reunite McGarrett with his team (except Kono) who now are working together to exonerate McGarrett. Joe recognizes a medal from McGarrett’s father’s lock box and takes McGarrett to see and elderly Japanese man named Mokoto. Mokoto worked with McGarrett’s father to help clean up the HPD. He also gives additional intel that helps Jenna Kaye trace a key from the lockbox to a locker in the Molokai airport. Danny and McGarrett find a memory card with video footage from a camera McGarrett’s father set up in the Governor’s study. Our team realizes the hidden camera may still be there. They find the camera and there’s footage to exonerate McGarrett. The team gets reinstated.

Kono has been suspended from HPD pending further investigation of the evidence forfeiture locker theft. Also, we learn that Danny’s ex-wife Rachel has gone back to Stan, turns out she figured out the baby was his and she wants to put their marriage back together.